А modern man of the postindustrial world is an inhabitant of the megalopolis, who spends most of his life in the office of glass and concrete.
Interiors, which 50 years ago were considered, as optimal and ergonomic, now no longer meet the requirements of the average inhabitant of the modern city.
People are tired of plastic, glass and concrete.

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We have to compensate the lack of green for plants.
Now interior decoration with plants went far beyond the usual flowerpots on the windowsill.
It’s appeared a new direction of interior design – phytodesign, i.e. decor with plants.

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Live or synthetic plants can be used for. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. The interior is decorated with live plants require constant, painstaking and costly care. Artificial plants are not fully able to create a unique feeling of true nature.

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Using preserved plants is an optimal decision for the phytodesign of interior. They retain their natural look, color and smell for many years, without requiring significant handling.

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For a small apartment for example, it’s enough to decor corner site of one of the rooms using vertical gardening. If your choice of plants, light, furniture was right – you will shock and can enjoy this place and relax in it after a workday.
Imagination in office decorating has no border, proper slant will guarantee a phenomenal results

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