Project Description:

Restaurants interior Restaurants interior Restaurants interior Restaurants interior Restaurants interior

When we decided to go out this is not a secret that the most sucusseful restaurants invest a lot of money into green decoration, because this one of their marketing step to gain customers thanks to the comfort that can be greated by green surrounding.

In France many restaurants already have choosen decoration with preserved green materials such as green moss pictures and walls.

For the restaurans not only green materials are interesting. What about tables ? To create a festive athmosfere tables are decorated with small flower arrangements for each table. Preserved greenery we use in our decorations contains more that 250 names of diferent plants and flowers and each of them also can be different colors. As for example roses , they count more than 24 colors.

This range of colors can allow us to create a flower arangement with preserved flowers of many variatios that will sute for the most exigence customers.

A nice flow arrangent at the reception of your restaurant is a very nice solution.

We have many customers such as italian restaurants – they like to purchase our preserved conifers , such as : Stardust, Columnaris, Elwoody , Globulosa and others. Thanks to these plants you can creat the athmosfere of Italy even very far away from Mediterania.

Japaneese restaurants like very much our preserved bonsais. Preserved bonsai we have some selection from our catalogue , and also we can create them by suctomer order of any size an shape. Customer justst have to choose right plants that we will use to cover the trunk with preserved foliage such as : Jinepirus ( the most popular ) , aslo we can use preserved Thuya , Pitosporum Tobira, Pitosporum , Hedera, Coculus.