Project Description:

Medical centers

This is very known that even if we come to the appointment with our doctor on time , we still have to wait at the reception. Watining in the line with other pations is not a pleasen task, and to disperse the attention very oftern on the small table in the waiting room we can find a bunch of magazins that we never read in normal life and we start to look them trough.
The athmosphere we meet at the doctors room is very important, the reputable clinics especially in the sphere of cosmetics or dantists understanding, that the vip custome have to avoid filling of wasting time in line, their customer has to be relaxed and comfortable – fill himself at home, and here comes green decoration of the interior as the best way or creating home athmosphere.
Our company is specialised on working with such clinics and we can personalise our project for any particular demand that requires special approach with one aim – visitor have to forget that he is waiting for the doctor.
The most suprising is that he is surrounded with a beatiful green nature while there is lack of sunlight , how it is possible ? Mostly reception at the doctor has limited access to the light, becouse spaces with window are choosen usually for the doctor’s offices and laboratory rooms. So the biggest advantage is that preserved plants do not need lightning, so even the darkest place of the reception room with a small light decorated with a nice tree , or green picture hanging on the wall can immediately create impression of a romm with the sulight.
Witing for the doctor can be finished with a suprising discovery , that these natural plants do not require sinligh and watering. So after visit to the doctor there will be something to share with friends and family and not only talking on the issues that were discussed with the doctor.
This is very important that after visit to the doctor , client can fill happy it will have direct impact on the quickest possibility to become healthy again.