Project Description:

Interior Phyto

Everybody can make a comforatable green decoration at home. But when we try to make a real top design , we face to many problems.
Our designers are skilled to create in your home the athmosphere, corresponding with your own wish.
It should be in harmony of your best mood, becose when you are at home you should fill full comfort after busy working days.
The biggest advantage of home decoration with preserved plants and preserved moss is that these plants do not require watering and any special care, that means that you can easily leave your home for long vacations and do not disturb your neighbours by taking care for your plants.
Very popular decoration by preserved blants by businessman or people who have several houses , thay can leave their home for businesstrip , or just comming to a new hose once in a year , and always be surrounded by fresh green plants athmosphere.
The most popular articles for home decorations are : green pictures and green walls created by preserved moss, and trees and bushes made with preserved foliage like : hedera, nicoli, populus, palm leaves phonix and washingtonia.