Project Description:

Car showrooms

When we descide to buy a car easy way to take a right descision when you fill yourself comfortable. The filling of comfort during selection of your car this is the filling that we remaing during all time when we will use the car. The filling of comfort is a complex of factors such as gentle reseller, clean and clear showroom to be able to show all models and options and certanly home atmosphere which can be created with a cup of coffee and discussion on the sofa surounded by green enviroment. Green enviroment is created by giving to the living nature a filling that nature is caring about us, protecting and giving peaceful atmosphere. Our company can create this atmosphere by using the preserved plants and moss. The biggest advantage for the car showrooms is that these plants do not require watering, so there is no worry about that cars will be standing in humid area. Usually car showrooms have large open spaces, and small green decoration can brake this and can construct very comfortable enviroment. – See more at: